Daisuke Miyazaki received the BS degree in science from the University of Tokyo in 2000, the MS degree in information science and technology from the University of Tokyo in 2002, and the PhD degree in information science and technology from the University of Tokyo in 2005. He is an associate professor at Hiroshima City University, Japan. After working at the University of Tokyo for two and a half years, the Microsoft Research Asia for a half year, and the University of Tokyo again for a half year, he joined Hiroshima City University. He has served as publications chair of MIRU2011, and organization chair of MIRU2017. He has served as the technical support staff of ACCV2007. He has served as the program committee member/reviewer of ACCV2006, ACCV2007, PSIVT2009, CVPR2009, e-Heritage Workshop 2009, ACCV2009, ICCV2009, CVPR2010, ECCV2010, e-Heritage Workshop 2010, ACCV2010, CVPR2011, SCCG2011, ICCV2011, SCCG2012, ECCV2012, ACCV2012, CVPR2013, SCCG2013, MIRU2013, PSIVT2013, CVPR2014, SCCG2014, MIRU2014, ICPR2014, ACCV2014, 3DV2014, CVPR2015, SCCG2015, ICCV2015, 3DV2015, CVPR2016, MIRU2016, SCCG2016, ECCV2016, ACCV2016, e-Heritage 2016, SITIS2016, MIRU2017, CVPR2017, BMVC2017, ICCV2017, ACPR2017, CVPR2018. He is an Editorial Board of International Journal of Computer Vision & Signal Processing. He received the Best Overall Paper Award from VSMM in 2000. His research interests include computer vision. He is a member of ACM and IEEE.

Daisuke Miyazaki
Family name: Miyazaki
Given name: Daisuke
Miyazaki is the same as Hayao Miyazaki
Daisuke is the same as Daisuke Matsuzaka (Dice-K)
e-mail address
miyazaki (at)
Associate Professor
Image Media Engineering and Computer Graphics Laboratory, Dept. of Intelligent Systems, Faculty of Information Sciences, Hiroshima City University
Curriculum Vitae
2018 July version
Hiroshima, Japan
blood type
wear glasses
same name (but not me)
Daisuke Miyazaki, handball player --> link
Daisuke Miyazaki, Associate Lecturer in Osaka City University, optoelectronics --> link
Daisuke Miyazaki, Assistant in Shizuoka University, electronic devices --> link
do not smoke
manga writing
rhythm game
social-network game
anime watching
none (or Shinto)
country visited
Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, USA, France, Monaco, Vietnam, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, China, India, Switzerland, Solomon Islands, Philippines
TOEIC score: 865points
part-time job
event staff, waiter, salesman, telephone appointment, 1-to-1 cram teacher, private teacher, programmer, internet operator
program committee
Editorial Board: The Open Artificial Intelligence Journal (Editorial Advisory Board) (2007/3-2010/8), International Journal of Computer Vision & Signal Processing (Editorial Board) (2011/4-)
Program committee: IkeuchiCREST2005(Session Chair), ACCV2006(Program Committee Member), UT-KAIST2006(Session Chair), ACCV2007(Technical Support Staff, Program Committee Member), PSIVT2009(Program Committee Member), CVPR2009(Program Committee Member), ACCV2009 (Program Committee Meber), eHeritage2009 (Program Committee Member), ICCV2009 (Program Committee Member), CVPR2010 (Program Committee Member), ECCV2010 (Program Committee Member), ACCV2010 (Program Committee Member), eHeritage2010 (Program Committee Member), CVPR2011 (Program Committee Member), SCCG2011 (Program Committee Member), ICCV2011 (Program Committee Member), SCCG2012 (Program Committee Member), ECCV2012 (Reviewer), ACCV2012 (Program Committee Member), CVPR2013 (Program Committee Member), SCCG2013 (Program Committee Member), PSIVT2013 (Program Committee Member), CVPR2014 (Reviewer), SCCG2014 (Program Committee Member), ICPR2014 (Technical Committee Reviewer), MIRU2013 (Technical Program Committee), MIRU2014 (Technical Program Committee), ACCV2014 (Program Committee Member), 3DV2014 (Reviewer), CVPR2015 (reviewer), SCCG2015 (international program committee), ICCV2015 (reviewer), 3DV2015 (reviewer), CVPR2016 (reviewer), MIRU2016 (Technical Program Committee), SCCG2016 (Program Committee member), ECCV2016 (reviewer), ACCV2016 (Program Committee member), e-Heritage2016 (Program Committee), SITIS2016 (Program Committee), CVPR2017 (Program Committee), BMVC2017 (programme committee as a reviewer), ICCV2017 (reviewer), ACPR2017 (program committee), CVPR2018 (member of the Program Committee)
Review: ICPR2002, ICVS2003, CVPR2004, CVIU, IEICE-E-A, ACCV2006, Applied Optics, IMAVIS, ICRA2006, IJCV, PAMI, Optics Letters, MVA2007, JOSA A, ACCV2007, OAI, IET-CV, ICPR2008, CVA, PSIVT2009, H&M, IET-IP, ACCV2009, CVPR2009, ICCV2009, CVPR2010, eHeritage2009, IEVC2010, ECCV2010, ACCV2010, eHeritage2010, CVPR2011, SCCG2011, ICCV2011, SCCG2012, ACCV2012, CVPR2013, MVA, PSIVT2013, CVPR2014, SCCG2014, ICPR2014, PG2013, MIRU2013, MIRU2014, JSEM, IJCVSP, ACCV2014, 3DV2014, IEVC2014, Optical Review, TIP, CVPR2015, SCCG2015, SIGGRAPH2015, ICCV2015, 3DV2015, NICOGRAPH2015, MIRU2016, SCCG2016, IEEE Sensors, ECCV2016, ACCV2016, e-Heritage2016, CVPR2017, BMVC2017, ICCV2017, ACPR2017, CVPR2018, CGI2017, JSSDJ, Optical Engineering, Pattern Recognition
IEEE Member (2004/9-), IEEE Computer Society Member (2004/12-), PAMI TC Member (2009/9-)
ACM Professional Member (2006/8-), ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Member (2006/8-)
Born: Tochigi, Japan
Lived: Hokkaido, Japan; for about 5 years
Lived: Madang, Papua New Guinea; for about 5 years
Graduated: Fujimigaoka primary school, Tokyo, Japan
Graduated: Fujimigaoka junior high school, Tokyo, Japan
Graduated: Nishi high school, Tokyo, Japan
Graduated: Department of Information Science, Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo
Graduated: Master course, Department of Information Science, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Graduated: Doctor course, Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
2007.9-2008.3: Microsoft Research Asia
1999.10-2008.9: Ikeuchi Lab., Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
2008.10-now: Computer Graphics Lab., Dept. of Intelligent Systems, Faculty of Information Sciences, Hiroshima City University (Currently: Image Media Engineering and Computer Graphics Laboratory)

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